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Sugar Shack Studio consists of two plus a dog.  The cows, pigs and catfish all play their part but they do not set foot in our sugar shack!

It all started with beads for Kathy which led to stained glass in later years.  These two crafts expanded over time to include numerous courses in silver work and self-taught kiln-worked glass.   Her education in Interior Design helped to round out her creative thinking.

While Kathy was selling her wares and getting further into the creative world, Marlon took an interest in faceting gemstones and making cabachons. He took a number of lapidary courses and he now has a few years under his belt perfecting his trade.

By the time the ‘sugar shack’ was built in 2012,  Sugar Shack Studio was already going strong.  We now combine Kathy’s metalwork (sterling silver) and Marlon’s gemstones / cabs into some nice jewelry pieces.  We continue to expand and learn.  Marlon was recently introduced to silver casting using the lost wax casting process.  Kathy expanded her glass work by filling some of the studio space with a new large kiln.  She has also recently learned the art of metal chasing and repousse.  Our dog, Roxy has taken all of this in stride and she just enjoys hanging out with us while we enjoy creating in our Sugar Shack.

We live simply and we strive for quality.  We bring this to our creations.